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What is Pollution?
Pollution is a word that no one is stranger to. We have heard it on the news, read it in articles, learned about it in school, and we are affected by it on a daily basis. However, there are many types of pollution and each has its own set of causes and effects.


Pollution is everyone's problem!

You may think that pollution is not your problem because you do not litter, you think your automobile meets the EPA's requirements, and besides you may not live in one of the cities they list as the worst polluted area. However, pollution rears its ugly head in many forms and everyone is affected. There are things that everyone can do to help clean up and prevent pollution.

Basic Types of Pollution and Where to Find It :
If you're looking for pollution, you're in luck. It's everywhere. Pollution is present in the air in the form of carbon dioxide that causes climatological chaos, CFCs and methane that destroy the protective ozone layer, sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain and smog, not to mention all the other chemicals that contribute to respiratory ailments and cancers.

You'll find it in the soil, deposited as it falls from the air and lingering for decades after being applied to croplands or washed into the silt of riverbeds in North America's most seemingly pristine estuaries. Pollution is also found in the water, making ground-level pollution mobile, taking raw discharge from factories and sewage plants. That's just to name a few you simply can't get away from it.

Once it was reasonable (though naive) to think that the skies and ocean were large enough to dilute anything human beings could collectively throw at it. However, the Earth has been shown to be an effectively closed system that can no longer handle the number of people or the polluting waste that we toss out.

Believe it or not there are more types of pollution out there; each one bringing on more problems to our stressed out world. There needs to be more education so that we may reduce the amount of pollution we are exposed to and for those who have yet to exist.
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